Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cursive

Developing an attractive, legible cursive handwriting style certainly has great aesthetic value, but it also has numerous mental, physical, social, and practical benefits. 1. Improved neural connections. Cursive handwriting stimulates the brain in ways that typing cannot. It improves the dynamic interplay of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, helps build neural pathways, and increases mental effectiveness. According […]

A Case for Classical Latin in Elementary Schools

Written by Pastor Johann Caauwe I would like to suggest that the study of Latin, even today, be considered as an elementary instruction in language, and second, that this instruction is best begun in the elementary years. The schools established by Martin Luther and other reformers in the 16th century were Latin grammar schools. Their […]

Reasons to Send Your Kid to a Lutheran School

5. It’s National Lutheran Schools Week! For one week a year, Lutheran School kids get to ditch their uniforms for to dress up like their Favorite Storybook Character and like a hippie from the ’60s. The really good news about this? If your kid goes to a Lutheran School, they probably wear a uniform the […]

Religious Private Schools Deserve a Second Look

The Data Are In: Religious Private Schools Deserve a Second Look by  William Jeynes A recent meta-analysis of 90 studies on religious private schools, traditional public schools, and charter schools shows that students perform best academically and behaviorally when they attend religious private schools. An inquisitive elementary school student asked his teacher, “Is it wrong […]

What Does it Mean to be Lutheran?

For many people today, the Lutheran label may not mean what it ought to mean. Much of Lutheranism, as observed on the world scene, is considerably liberal in its theology. A large number of Lutheran scholars do not accept the foundational premise that Dr. Martin Luther himself took for granted: the Bible is verbally inspired […]

Classical Education: Lutheran Schools Should Take A Closer Look

Classical Education: Lutheran Schools Should Take A Closer Look Written by Rachel Timmermann Are current classrooms barren of Western heritage? If so, is this lack of classical recognition worth changing? Classical education, with roots in time-proven skills, is an option to successfully educate the next generation of responsible citizens. First, let’s lay out a clear […]


Cyberbullying 2015/05/18/in Blogs, Guest writer /by Nicole Balza Cyberbullying is a modern and dangerous form of bullying that takes place using electronic technology such as cell phones, computers, or tablets. Over half of young people report being cyberbullied. Examples of cyberbullying Sending hurtful or threatening texts or e-mails Starting rumors on social media sites Spreading […]

Kids will be Kids?

Kids will be kids? 2015/05/18/in Blogs, Laurie Gauger-Hested /by Nicole Balza   I have stories. True stories. Seven girls cherry-pick an eighth and assail her with a torrent of texts prominently featuring the b-word. Sophomore boys taunt a classmate with a clever little jingle about his dental issues. A fifth-grader hijacks a slumber party, taking […]

Do Cell Phones Belong in School?

Do Cell Phones Belong in School? Posted on May 15, 2015 by MLC Graduate Studies By Professor James Carlovsky Described as portable computers and the Swiss army knife of technologies, mobile phones have been historically banned in K-12 schools due to the perceptions that they are disruptive (O’Bannon & Thomas, 2015). However, times are changing. […]