Our Name Tells Who We Are…



We are committed to serving this area. Our church was established in 1893 adjacent to the campus of Pacific Lutheran University and later moved to its present site. We have, by God’s grace, enjoyed serving this area for the past 120+ years.


We are committed to the Gospel of Christ. Our mission is to be faithful to God in the joyful proclaiming, teaching, and sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to encourage one another, and to reach out to others. (John 3:16)


We are committed to the Lutheran Confessions. Our theology and practice are governed by the principles of Faith Alone, Grace Alone, and Scripture Alone. The Bible is our only source of doctrine, and its primary teaching is salvation by grace alone through faith in Jesus Christ.


We are committed to people. The church is not a building or merely an outward organization, but people gathered around the Gospel of our Lord. As our Lord serves us, we desire to serve others.