Worship Services are held every Sunday at 9:00am. and Monday at 6:30pm.

Oh Come, Let Us Worship!

In the Divine Service, God meets us in the proclamation of the Word (absolution), Scripture readings, and the sermon. In the Lord’s Supper, the Son of God also distributes to us sinners His actual body and blood, which He gave and shed for the forgiveness of our sins. Acknowledging such gifts, the people of God offer Him their thanks, their praise, and their prayers. The rhythm of our worship is from God to us, and then from us back to Him. He gave us His gifts, and together we receive and extol Him.


The Lutheran Church is a liturgical church. We use a consistent, historic ritual in our worship. As Christians, we gather around the Word and Sacraments, where God delivers to us the forgiveness that was won on the cross. We do this in the context of a liturgy (aka ceremony or rite), so that we might be reminded of the importance of what we are doing, and so that these truths of our salvation might be taught to us each and every time we gather.


Hymns are an important part of our worship because they allow us to express our faith, and because they teach us about our faith. The highest praise we can give God is believing that Jesus died for our sins. Our hymns give that praise when they recount how God acted for us in the person of His Son, Jesus.


Parkland Lutheran follows the historic Christian practice of Closed Communion. Those who do not belong to a congregation in our fellowship (Evangelical Lutheran Synod or Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) are asked to speak with one of the pastors before taking Communion.

Church Year

Starting usually at the end of November, the church calendar is composed of the festival part of the church year (Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost) and the non-festival part of the church year known as the Trinity Season.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them.” For this reason, it is very traditional in Lutheran churches to have children present during the divine services. When children need to be comforted, Parkland Lutheran has a cry room available, so that other worshipers are not overly distracted. The room is wired for sound, and a large picture-window helps the parents participate in worship.