We teach our students that Jesus Christ is their Savior. He lived a perfect life in their place and died for all their sins. He did this because of His great love for all and because of His desire that everyone be saved and go to heaven. We know this wonderful message from the Bible, which is God’s Word.

Our goal as a Christian school is to help our students understand the Christian faith and to train them to be productive and responsible citizens.


Classical Education is a model of education that focuses on three developmental stages (Trivium) and says every subject has building blocks which must be known to understand the subject (its Grammar). It is in this stage where students learn how to gather information. Next, students learn how to arrange that information and begin to understand how it all works together (its Logic). Finally, students learn how to put their knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to practical use and explain it to someone else (Rhetoric). The Trivium focuses the educational method to best develop a knowledgeable, thinking, and articulate student in the end.  The goal of teachers is to guide students through these three parts (Trivium) and teach them when appropriate.


Parkland Lutheran School opened in 1894, just five years after Washington became a state. When the school was organized by the Rev. Bjug Harstad, it was called Pacific Lutheran Academy (now two institutions: Parkland Lutheran School and Pacific Lutheran University).

Parkland Lutheran School is approved by the State of Washington. We are also a member of The Evergreen Lutheran School System (TELSS), an association of schools partnered with Evergreen Lutheran High School (


The faculty and staff of Parkland Lutheran School are committed to providing a quality, Christ-centered education. We offer a personalized education that fosters the strengths and talents of each individual.

We do this by using tried-and-true methodologies of the past to teach skills that will be useful in the future. We offer enhanced learning through online courses, as well as offering a state-of-the-art computer lab where students learn keyboarding, learn to use tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and learn how to use the computer for academic research.

Other opportunities available to our students include: soccer, basketball, hand-bells, band and piano lessons, forensics, and theater.


We are always happy to have visitors to our campus. We would be happy to schedule a tour with you throughout the school year, or you can contact us for a personal appointment:

School Phone: +1 (253) 537-1901

Admissions Line: +1 (253) 677-4979

School Facebook Page: Parkland Lutheran School


Parkland Lutheran School is owned and operated by Parkland Ev. Lutheran Church (associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod).