What is Classical Education?

It is an approach to education that says every subject has building blocks which must be known to understand the subject (its Grammar). Once we learn these we learn how they work together (its Logic), and then we learn how to explain it to someone else (Rhetoric). The goal of teachers is to guide students through these parts and teach them when appropriate.

Elementary (1-4)

Student at Parkland Lutheran School in the elementary levels are in the Logic state of education, where they begin to take the building blocks and learn how to make things with them. They delve a bit deeper into stories we are reading and learn about characters. In math they begin to multiply and divide as well as figure area. They begin to ask “why” questions in science and learn the answers, and we begin to look at cause and effect in history. Students in this level also work on mastering manuscript handwriting.

Parent Testimonial

“Our son has appreciated the staff & kids he has come to know and looks forward to the activities (competitions) that the entire school becomes involved in, not just a select few.  He also showed the initiative to be baptized during chapel last year, an opportunity that he wouldn’t have taken otherwise.  The education & small class size that he is receiving cannot be duplicated elsewhere and gives him the chance to be challenged to learn instead of challenged to ignore other distractions.  Our daughter became very close to her peers and has formed a bond that she will continue for the years to come.  Her dad & I enjoyed her staying a “kid” longer than if she had been in a junior high setting.  I appreciate the involvement that each class takes with the other grades.  The older kids respect the younger ones, as the younger children learn good behavior from the older students. As a family, we have truly appreciated the opportunity for the last two years both of our children have been given.  I think my husband also realizes the opportunity that he gained from attendance at Parkland years ago.  It truly is a school of family history.”