Christmas Day sermon

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” When Paul calls Christ God’s indescribable gift for the Corinthians, he was not simply using exaggerated phrases or polishing his writing with impressive words. In using the word indescribable, Paul is stating that he cannot fully express the blessing and value of the Lord Jesus Christ to him and to all mankind. If the Apostle Paul, who was writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, could not adequately convey to our human minds the blessings of the Christ-child where in all the world of orators, musicians, artists, and poets will we find those who can?

Consider some of the ways our Savior is indescribable: Indescribable in incarnation: At the manger reason falters, an unutterable mystery that God became man; the creator a creature; the son of God the son of virgin mother. Indescribable in love: God not only gave His Son, but gave Him to be shamefully treated and put to death for our sakes. It was a gift not given to the thankful, but ingrates; not to saints but sinners; not to friends but enemies. Indescribable in blessings: God’s blessings in Christ are beyond limit: complete forgiveness, life to its fullest and everlasting salvation. Words fail to describe the gifting of God’s Son to us, nevertheless let us rise to sing words of our great joy over what God has wondrously done for us – #142.