Midweek Advent homily

Right now your body is held in bondage in this life to deterioration and decay. Your mortality may begin to be declared to you softly in stiffness and bruises, then loudly with aching joints and cramps, and finally screamed out at you with a terminal diagnosis. You may look around and your friends are starting to disappear; your family becomes less attentive as a second and third generation urgently demand more time and attention. But your Lord Jesus knows what loneliness is like. Not only did His friends drop from the scene as He journeyed closer to Calvary, one even betrayed Him with a kiss and another within eye contact denied even knowing Him! Disdainful strangers were the only ones left to disrobe Him and clothe Him again, forced to bear His heavy burdens, offering Him painkillers when He could not take them, even giving Him something to drink in an attempt to quench an unquenchable eternal thirst. On the cross as darkness settled in on Him, He cried out in His greatest loneliness of all asking the Father about His eternal abandonment.

But in all of His loneliness, He did not sin once. He continued to trust that the Father loved Him and prayerfully committed His soul into the Father’s loving hands. So our Lord does not abandon us as the times of loneliness settle in upon us, and for all the times we sin cursing God on account of our loneliness, real or perceived. We are forgiven through the holy blood of our Redeemer. His perfect trust in God our Savior is credited to us.