Trinity 3 sermon

Against his will Jonah called the residents of Nineveh to repentance and it worked, the city repented. This then led to a very dark place for Jonah who resented that these people repented and God relented from the destruction He had threatened to carry out upon them. Far from rejoicing, Jonah was depressed. What would cause such an attitude in Jonah? We are led to conclude that in his self righteousness, he thought the people of Nineveh, the enemies of Israel, did not deserve the love of God and resented it when it was so richly offered and humbly received. It is the same attitude exhibited by the Pharisees and the scribes in our Gospel lesson, who grumbled against Jesus, saying: “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.” Let us check our own attitudes in this regard based on the words of our text and consider – Whether You Sow or Reap, You Have Reason to Rejoice.