Trinity 7 sermon

Like the Children of Israel, like the 4000 in our text, like the people of God throughout history, we find it is often the way of God to lead us into those places where only He can provide the exit. God at times allows our faith to be tested because too often we wish to put most of our trust somewhere else, and thus it is important that we constantly be re-directed to the One True God. That we hear that our sin and guilt of faithlessness is forgiven, and that our meager, halting trust is multiplied in the person of Jesus who was faithful and trusting for us. This is not to say that we will see the good outcome of every difficulty and problem in our lives. There are times we may have to wait like the faithful in Egypt, or in Babylon, or in Rome, trusting that even in evil times God watches over His people. But we wait knowing that God was with His people in Egypt, at the Red Sea, and in the wilderness. He was with Elijah and with the captives in Babylon; He was with the Church under persecution and with the 4000 in the wilderness, and thus He is with us in our difficulties and our struggles, ever-aware of His promise to deliver us from evil.