March 16-20

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith. – 1 Peter 5:8-9

7:30 am – Men’s Club @ Country Rose Café

8:00 am – Divine Service
9:15 am – Sunday School & Bible Class
9:15 am – Bible Class Online (use Zoom Meeting ID: 4563145918 with Zoom Password: 832934)
10:30 am – Divine Service / Communion
10:30 am – Divine Service Online

12:00 pm – Choir

MONDAY: First Day of Spring
6:30 pm – Vespers Service / Communion

Ushers Early: Tom Langseth & Zac Ruhl

Ushers Late: Ehren Taylor & Jim Perry
Altar Guild: Mike O’Neill

Organist: Michelle Minton
Vespers Accompanist: Mallory Daniels
Live Stream: Bryan Romnes

Ushers Early: Mike Daniels & Ben Soper
Altar Guild:Mike & Karla Taylor

Ushers Late: Matt Daniels & Jesus Rodriguez

Organist: Albert Harris
Vespers Accompanist: Mallory Daniels
Live Stream: Becky R.

ALTAR FLOWERS 03/19: Alter flowers Jennifer Collins, In memory of Jennifer Burklund

Please contact the church office at if you would like to supply flowers. We will ask for the date you would like to give flowers and the reason (if there is one). These upcoming dates are available/reserved:

Mar. 26 (Lent 5 – paraments are purple) – Reserved
Apr. 2 (Palm Sunday – paraments are purple) – Reserved
Apr. 9 (Easter Festival – paraments are white) – Reserved
Apr. 16 (Easter 2 – paraments are white) – Available


A Look at Child Development & Their Devotional Life
Join us on April 28th from 6:30-8 with presenters Rev. Tony and Mrs. Melissa Pittenger where they will pair some of the latest findings in child development with practical ways for parents and caregivers to nurture the faith of children.

This presentation will benefit parents, caregivers, and teachers. STARS credit are available to educators who attend this presentation. Please register at:

The Emmaus Conference is finally back! We are excited to announce the topic and presenters for the April 29th, 2023 conference: A Lutheran Life of Devotion. Topics include

  • the Biblical foundation for a devotional life
  • the Reformers personal devotional life and what they developed to encourage it.
  • the devotional life of the Lutheran immigrants and settlers to North America,

Please register before April 16th at Prices are $25 for 1st guest, $10 for each subsequent guest (pay at the door); $5 for students. The conference will be held in Parkland Lutheran Church.

Please see the Midweek Update for details.

We praise the Lord for His undeserved mercy upon us as we consider our financial situation at February’s end. Both our monthly offerings and school income were above our monthly budgeted numbers. This helped with a few higher expenses as new energy efficient windows were installed in the parsonage basement and entrance areas (Pastor’s family says THANK YOU!) and the new gate outside of the computer/music portable was installed. Including the mortgage principal, we had a only a slight monthly deficit. Thank you for your generous offerings and prayers for the Lord’s Church in this community. Please see the Midweek Update for more details.

Reminder Notes!

Midweek Lenten services begin on Wednesday, February 22 (1:30pm & 6:30pm) with Ash Wednesday (see next note). Our theme this year is “The Path of our Savior’s Exodus” Each evening will meditate on various places Jesus went or was taken on His way to be the Passover Lamb who has taken away the sins of the world. We hope you can attend one of the services each Wednesday during Lent: Feb. 22, & March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.


  • Palm Sunday: Sunday, April 2
    • 10:30am (in-person & online)
      • All PLS students sing in church
    • Maundy Thursday Communion Services: Thursday, April 6
      • 1:30pm (in-person)
      • 6:30pm (in-person & online)
    • Good Friday Services: Friday, April 7
      • 1:30pm (in-person)
      • 7:45pm (in-person & online)
    • Easter Sunday Communion Services: Sunday, April 8
      • Easter Sunrise Service @ PLC Cemetery
        • 6:30am (in-person; 510 136th St E, Tacoma, WA 98445)
      • Easter Breakfast in the Ark (Gym)
        • 7:30am ~ 10:30am
      • Easter Festival Services
        • 8:00am (in-person)
        • 10:30am (in-person & online)

Dear Members of Parkland Evangelical Lutheran Church,

Grace, mercy and peace be unto you from God our heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ!

What a magnificent event you provided upon the occasion of my 40th anniversary of ordination! As mentioned that day, I certainly do not deserve such congratulatory recognition. Anything that has been accomplished through my ministry is to be credited to the grace of our Lord Jesus alone. Since I am no longer serving as your pastor, it was also truly unexpected and yet your generosity is nothing new. However, that being said, it did give us the occasion to give praise to our Lord for His many blessings we experienced together in His name.

Lisa and I would like to thank you for every aspect of the meticulously thoughtful arrangements and carrying out of this special day for us with you: the opportunity to hear personal words of encouragement; the speakers from near and far touching upon so many of our blessed memories together; serving my favorite “last meal”; the festive decorations (even placing Lisa’s favorite – lilies of the valley on the head table); the nostalgic loop of pictures chronicling years of service and a receding hairline; the several gifts which will bring delightful remembrances for the rest of our lives; and not least of which joining in with you at a Sunday divine service centered upon our Savior in Word and in Sacrament.

In the last few months when people have asked me about my new responsibilities as the ELS president, I will comment that as I consider what challenging decisions are facing you in these days with the possibility of campus expansion and outreach in the nearby community it is less burdensome for me to observe from a distance. In my 34 years of serving among you we have had to consider and make major decisions and plans together, but I was much younger at the time with an ever-expanding elasticity. But be assured that you will remain in our prayers that the Lord will grant you wisdom, unity and boldness as you make important decisions in your service to Him in your corner of His kingdom. We look forward to hearing regular reports on your progress in your plans.

Again, thank you for your kind thoughtful celebration, in Jesus’ name,
Pastor and Lisa Obenberger

The February edition of the Lutheran Sentinel is on the Narthex table for you to take and read. The Lutheran Sentinel is now available to be viewed electronically at the ELS website:

The PLS Boosters’ Silent Auction is Saturday, March 25, starting at 4:00pm. If paid by cash or check prior to March, the cost of admission is $25 per adult and $15 per child (no charge under the age of 5). If paid at the door by credit, cash, or check, the cost of admission is $30 per adult and $15 per child. This year’s auction proceeds will go toward improving campus security, new soccer uniforms, and various other items needed by PLS! The Boosters are in need of donations in the form of goods, gift certificates, services, or any new item of value to be auctioned. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in donating to a great cause! Remember, all donations are tax deductible!

Parkland Lutheran Church has a convenient way to make your regular offerings. With our electronic giving program, you can easily set up a recurring giving schedule or make one-time contributions. Click here for more information.

  1. This is optional; the old system of contributing by check and cash still works.
  2. Members can still set something up through their banks so that regular checks are mailed in.
  3. If members choose this new option they might wish to consider still using their envelopes and indicate on them that contributions are given electronically (not necessary, but that way a young confirmation student sees regular contributions going into the offering plate.