October 29-November 2

~Reformation Sunday~

~Daylight Saving Time Ends~

~All Saints Day~

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.” – Romans 1:16-17

Prayers for an Election Year

Dear heavenly Father, in this election year our minds are once again directed to the political affairs of our nation. Who will be our next elected leaders? Who will have the daunting task of upholding the constitution and is principles? Will these people also uphold the divine principles of Holy Scripture? Our human nature would love to take control of the election. We want to control every aspect of our lives. When we attempt to do so, however, we always end up with failure and disappointment. Remind us daily that You are our sovereign, all-powerful God. In Your grace, You direct the affairs of this nation. Lead us, therefore, to put our absolute trust in You to oversee the election process and bring honesty to the ballot box. Preserve us from all nefarious attempts to sew seeds of chaos and disunity among us. And whatever the outcome, keep us focused on our mission: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. Amen. (“God Bless Our Native Land: Prayers for an Election Year” Northwestern Publishing House, 2004, adapted.)

SUNDAY: Reformation Day

Daylight Saving Time Ends

SUNDAY: All Saints Day
8:00 am – Divine Service
9:15 am – Sunday School & Bible Class

9:15 am – Bible Class Online (use Zoom Meeting ID: 4563145918)
10:30 am – Divine Service/Communion

10:30 am – Divine Service Online
12:30 pm – Confirmation Class

6:30 pm – Vespers Service/Communion

Ushers Early: Mike Taylor & John Taylor
Altar Guild: Bonni Mielbrecht

Ushers Late: Kelly Fagan & Kyle Fagan
Altar Guild: Delcia Rosenow

Organist: Sharon King
Vespers Accompanist: Mallory Daniels
Live Stream: Bryan Romnes

Ushers Early: Tom Langseth & Zach Ruhl

Altar Guild: Bonni Mielbrecht

Ushers Late: Matt Daniels, Andy Daniels & Nik Mollenholt
Altar Guild: Delcia Rosenow

Organist: Sharon King 
Vespers Accompanist: Mallory Daniels
Live Stream: Bryan Romnes

Sue Kautter in thanksgiving and praise to God for family and friends during lonely quarantine times.

New Notes!

Remember to set your clocks back Saturday night before you go to bed!

You may have noticed some signs placed on the fence near the sidewalk on Pacific Avenue between 123rd and 124th streets. This is on state property and on its fencing. So we cannot remove. But all should know that PLC/S does not endorse any such candidates and would never put up any political signs on our property.

As Veterans Day is here, our congregation’s Lutheran Military Support Group (LMSG) is asking for donations in support of our military men, women and their families. LMSG, a partnership of ELS and WELS veterans, is working to grow awareness of and bring Christian support to military members and their families in our congregations and beyond. By placing your gift in the AMMO can located in the Narthexyou are supporting the work of local congregations that are ministering to nearby military families and the WELS European chaplain program. Questions? Visit www.lutheranmilitary.org.

Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s Veterans Day Program will follow our Chapel services on Tuesday, November 10. On this day, students in grades 5 thru 8 will have Chapel at 8:40am, followed by our Veterans Day Program, and students in grades Pre-K thru 4 will have Chapel at 9:50am, again followed by our Veterans Day Program. Our Chapel services, as well as this year’s Veterans Day Programs, will be available for anyone to watch via Zoom.
Click here for our live-streamed Zoom Chapel Services (Meeting ID: 4563145918).

The PLC November Calendar can be found on our website.

You can find a copy of the November Synod President’s Newsletter in the Narthex at the site below:

Please see the Midweek Update for details.

Reminder Notes!

Hosted by Martha Circle

Covid Precautions have affected us all in many different ways at Parkland Lutheran Church.

4 babies produced brand new mothers here at PLC and because of Covid-19 we did not get the opportunity to welcome these tiny new people and their new moms with the celebration of a baby shower.

Martha Circle is hosting an opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our new moms and babies with our love, our best wishes and a gift card to Amazon purchased by Martha Circle on behalf of those of us who missed being able to celebrate the new babies and their new moms.

(Martha Circle hosts a Baby Shower for 1st Time Mothers who are members of PLC)

Please help us celebrate Chad, Noah, Delaney & Landon’s arrival into our PLC family!

If you would like to participate in the “baby showers” you can:

  1. Designate an amount on your electronic giving for: Martha Circle Baby Showers
  2. If you write a check to PLC – you can designate an amount to go to Martha Circle  Baby Showers in the memo line or attach a note.
  3. Talk with a representative from Martha Circle. We will be in the Narthex on October 25th and Nov 1st after both services and will be happy to help you make a donation!!

Questions?  Call Lisa Obenberger

This past year, the Lord blessed us with a little girl. To our great sorrow, we were not able to meet her before the Lord took her to himself. In memory of Talitha, several people have generously given gifts to the Church. With the blessing of the Trustees, we are planning to use these memorials to do some maintenance and improvements to the Cry Room. The parents of children 5 and under have been contacted for their input and ideas. Now we welcome any input and ideas from the congregation. Please get them to us by November 8th. You may email agullixson@blc.edu.
Thank you, Pastor and Anna Gullixson

If you would like to sign up for giving flowers, please contact the church office at books@parklandlutheran.org. Be ready to give the date you would like to give flowers and the reason (if there is one). These dates are available/reserved:

Nov.  8 (3rd to Last – paraments are green) – Reserved
Nov.15 (2nd to Last- paraments are green) – Reserved
Nov.22 (Last- paraments are white) – Reserved
Nov.29 (Advent 1- paraments are purple) – Reserved

One of the goals of the Membership and Planning Committee is to bring our church directory up to date with current mailing addresses, email addresses and pictures, and then ultimately to publish a new directory to distribute to members. Paper form copies will be available in the Narthex. The committee thanks you for your prompt cooperation.

As you probably have heard the goal of this project is to construct a beautiful tribute to our veterans on Bethany Lutheran College campus. The monument will serve to honor all veterans and ensure that this and future generations will be aware of the cost of the freedoms they enjoy as citizens of our great nation through this God-pleasing vocation of warrior. The ELS Military Monument Committee is seeking to establish a Veteran’s Day 2020 Matching Funds Campaign that will be advertised to all other donors. We are seeking to double the impact of our joint offering from Nov. 11, 2020 – May 31, 2021. We already have commitments of a $25K match and would like to see this challenge match tripled if not more. If you would be interested in committing a gift to add to this matching offer, please contact Pastor Obenberger (253-537-5492). If you are able to be a part of this matching effort, it will challenge your brothers and sisters in the ELS, even others outside the ELS, as you offer to match dollar for dollar of their freewill contributions to this worthy effort.

Parkland Lutheran Church has a convenient way to make your regular offerings. With our electronic giving program, you can easily set up a recurring giving schedule or make one-time contributions. Click here for more information.

  1. This is optional; the old system of contributing by check and cash still works.
  2. Members can still set something up through their banks so that regular checks are mailed in.
  3. If members choose this new option they might wish to consider still using their envelopes and indicate on them that contributions are given electronically (not necessary, but that way a young confirmation student sees regular contributions going into the offering plate.