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Reformation Day

For Lutherans, October 31st is more than Halloween. It is also Reformation Day. October 31, 1517, is the day that Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses (statements) to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany. Why did he do this, and what happened because of it? The 95 Theses outlined what Luther believed were errors […]

Myth Busting: Angels

On September 29 each year, we observe the Festival of St. Michael & All Angels. This is a festival to highlight the work of God’s angels among us. It also gives us the opportunity to do some myth busting. Here are six myths about angels compared with what the Bible teaches. Myth #1: Angels were […]

Day of Rest

Ever wonder where our seven-day week comes from? After the sixth day of creation, the book of Genesis says, “[O]n the seventh day God finished His work that He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work that He had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it […]

What Does This Mean?

I’ve been reading The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. It chronicles the experiences of some of those who fought and lived through World War II. Brokaw identifies this as the greatest generation because of the values those individuals held, things like duty, honor, service, and commitment. Those are big words and important concepts. But I’m […]


We Americans love our freedom, and we enjoy it to a degree experienced by few civilizations in history. We are free to believe what we want, say what we want, and write what we want. This is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. But no one (or almost no one) […]

The Supreme Court and Marriage

The Supreme Court ruling today means that no state can legally define marriage as only between one man and one woman. States must now officially declare that the union of two homosexuals is just as proper and natural as the union between heterosexuals. Even if the Bible did not define which unions are proper and […]

Classical Education: Lutheran Schools Should Take A Closer Look

Classical Education: Lutheran Schools Should Take A Closer Look Written by Rachel Timmermann Are current classrooms barren of Western heritage? If so, is this lack of classical recognition worth changing? Classical education, with roots in time-proven skills, is an option to successfully educate the next generation of responsible citizens. First, let’s lay out a clear […]


Cyberbullying 2015/05/18/in Blogs, Guest writer /by Nicole Balza Cyberbullying is a modern and dangerous form of bullying that takes place using electronic technology such as cell phones, computers, or tablets. Over half of young people report being cyberbullied. Examples of cyberbullying Sending hurtful or threatening texts or e-mails Starting rumors on social media sites Spreading […]

Kids will be Kids?

Kids will be kids? 2015/05/18/in Blogs, Laurie Gauger-Hested /by Nicole Balza   I have stories. True stories. Seven girls cherry-pick an eighth and assail her with a torrent of texts prominently featuring the b-word. Sophomore boys taunt a classmate with a clever little jingle about his dental issues. A fifth-grader hijacks a slumber party, taking […]

Do Cell Phones Belong in School?

Do Cell Phones Belong in School? Posted on May 15, 2015 by MLC Graduate Studies By Professor James Carlovsky Described as portable computers and the Swiss army knife of technologies, mobile phones have been historically banned in K-12 schools due to the perceptions that they are disruptive (O’Bannon & Thomas, 2015). However, times are changing. […]