All Saints Sermon

In our sin, we want to hold God to promises that He never made. When we are hurting, we ask God why He doesn’t take away our pain. But God never promised us a life of ease and perpetual good feelings. When we fall into sin, we wonder why God didn’t stop us. But God isn’t the one who led us into temptation. When we are persecuted for following God’s Word, we ask God why He doesn’t stop the wicked efforts of those who hate Him. But God never promised that it would be smooth-sailing for His followers in this world. What God has promised is that “if we are faithless, He remains faithful—for He cannot deny Himself” (2Tim. 2:13). For how ready we are to doubt God’s love for us, how ready we are to give in to temptation, how ready we are to suggest what it is that God should be doing, our merciful Lord is just as ready to forgive us. He is just as ready to save us and strengthen us and encourage us. He helps us to understand that while all of His good gifts are ours even now, we will not fully appreciate and enjoy them until we are in heaven.